As a daydreamer, you may use mental pictures to escape from reality. You may think about places you long to see and feelings you want to feel.
And when I met you, my life became a daydream.
Swimsuit - Sandass Beach Top - Txell Miras
Shirt - Loreine Bikini - Sandass Beach
Leggins - Txell Miras Cardigan - MANGO
Shirt & Pants - MANGO Corset - Bibian Blue Dress - Paris Rodríguez Earrings - Vintage 
White Sweatshirt - UNIQLO Bikini - Sandass Beach
Jeans - LEVI’S Underwear - Calvin Klein Top- Txell Miras
Dress - Carlos Pineda Mexico Earrings - Vintage
Art Direction & Photography - Carla Fuster Barahona
Stylist - Ale Lozano
Make Up - Monica Cruz
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